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Visit Rabat Maroc

Nature experience

Embedded in the very DNA of the region, nature takes place in the very heart of cities, with the capital of the Kingdom at its heart, with 2404 hectares of green spaces including historic gardens, parks and the green belt. Among the natural curiosities the forest Maâmora the largest cork oak forest around the Mediterranean. For lovers of ornithology you will not be disappointed by the natural reversals of sidi Boughaba and Merja Zerga (Moulay Bousselham). At 90 km from Rabat, Dayet Roumi will allow you to practice pedal boating and jet skiing, fishing and hiking.

The Zoo of Rabat

Recently renovated, the new zoo, called the “wild encounter”, has been created with a view to reproducing the emblematic ecosystems of Morocco and Africa: swamp, rainforest, Savannah, desert and Atlas Mountain. The zoo was developed into an open space that immerses the visitor in an atmosphere of discovery and adventure. Rabat Zoo is specialized in Moroccan, Saharan and African fauna; this offers an opportunity to highlight the specificities of the...

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Garden of Botanical tests

Spanning an area of about 17 Ha, containing an estimated Floristic richness of more than 600 species, and more than 1000 varieties, the Garden of Botanical Trials is undoubtedly the largest public garden in Rabat. It inspired the creation of Marrakech Botanical Gardens (25 Ha) and Meknes Botanical Gardens (30 Ha).

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Daït Erroumi

Located 15 km from the town of Khémisset, a road in the wilderness leads you to the peaceful waters of Dayt Erroumi. A 15 to 20 meter-deep natural lake, where the blue color of the sky is reflected, a true invitation to serenity. Nature has kept all its rights here. A unique setting where everyone can choose an activity by the water, walk around the lake, fish or have a...

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Exotic gardens of Bouknadel

Some green again with exotic Bouknadel gardens 20 km from Rabat, on the road to Kenitra. Dedicated to plants from all over the world, it offers five educational circuits to learn about biodiversity, waste management and recycling, forests and soil protection, as well as water and ecological gardening. Created in 1952 by the French horticultural engineer Marcel François on an area of 4 and a half hectares, he wanted to...

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Sidi Boughaba

About thirty kilometers from Rabat towards Kenitra, the lake of Sidi Boughaba attracts migrant birds which find there a place of refuge and rest. This 4 km long-lake, together with the 450 hectares of forest and the hills that surround it constitute an important natural reserve, and one of the most beautiful sites of wild life of Morocco, where one can picnic, hike and, of course, practice bird-watching (205 bird...

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Extending over almost 50 ha, the Mkhinza Forest in the rural commune of Sidi Yahya Zaer is of high environmental quality. It is mainly composed of cork oaks.

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